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Discount Supplements

Discount supplements are all the rage in the bodybuilding industry, as tight economic times mean that gym junkies need to tighten their spending, and possibly give up some of their favourite supplements to stay afloat financially. Supplements nowadays can cost upwards of $200 for a bulk buy protein powder, and many people are questioning whether it’s feasible to keep up their expensive hobby. It certainly can be, if you make the right decisions when it comes to selecting your discount supplements!

Although there are some more expensive products and brands on the market, if you choose carefully, you can get the best available products at the best available prices, and not give up when you have worked so hard to achieve the body you currently have. Discount supplements are the way to go in terms of keeping up with supplementation and finding a cost-effective alternative to expensive supplements.

Make Your Own Supplements

Ok, we don’t mean go out and milk the cows and use that milk to extract the protein, and we don’t mean go and find the most effective fat burning herbs in nature, pick them, and process them into capsules. You can, however, mix up certain ingredients to make your own, effective, discount supplements. A weight gainer, for example, is often a protein blend with added waxy maize, maltodextrin and essential fatty acids. You’ll pay around $100 for 20 serves, at around 1000 calories per serve. At one per day, this lasts you nearly three weeks, so it’s not too bad cost-wise. But what if you were to make your own? Pick your favourite protein blend, and buy it in bulk. A 3kg tub should set you back around $120. Next, buy your carbohydrates – you can go for maltodextrin, dextrose, waxy maize, oat powder, or anything else you fancy. $10/kg should be plenty to even get a blend of fast carbs. Now the EFA’s. You can just add olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil or nuts to a shake and make it easy. Or you can supplement with fish oil, CLA or flaxseed oil if you like. 5g of EFA’s will set you back only a few cents! So lets say you buy 3kg of protein, 10kg of carbs and 1kg of EFA’s. This will cost you approximately $220. Put it all together and you have a weight gainer with: 2250g protein, 10000g carbs, 900g fat. And if you cut that up into single serves, you’ll have 50g protein, 220g carb, 20g per serve, which gives you a massive 1260 calories per serve. What’s better is that $220 gives you 45 serves, which works out to be around $4.90/serve, and you are getting 25% MORE calories!

You can use this sort of method with any blended supplement, really. Make your own fat burning stack by buying separate caffeine, green tea, carnitine, 7-keto and green coffee extract, and take them together. You will save a bundle! Or make your own post workout drink buy buying separate carbs, creatine, bcaa’s and glutamine. This way you know exactly what goes in each serve, and you can end up saving lots of hard earned money.

Go for Discount Brands

If a supplement brand is super-expensive or super-cheap then that should ring warning bells. Raw materials cost each company the same amount of money, so you would think that similar supplements would costs similar prices. Unfortunately this is not often the case, and you can find huge differences in prices across supplements that are virtually identical! If your protein, for example, is the most expensive on the market, you need to question why that is. After all, all of the manufacturers need to buy whey protein isolate, so they are paying similar prices for those raw materials. On the other hand, if a supplement is ridiculously cheap (and not on sale, clearance etc), that should give you a warning that there might be something in the product that’s not on the label, or that the manufacturer is cutting corners somewhere. Many mid-range supplement companies don’t spend huge amounts on advertising, but keep strict quality control standards and are generous in their pricing structure. These are the ones to go for. They will give you good quality supplements at good prices, especially if you buy in bulk!

Make Discerning Supplement Choices

There’s nothing worse to your wallet than buying supplements you don’t need or won’t use. Bulking up? Don’t buy that fat burner – it won’t work as well if your metabolism is blunted by excessive calorie intake. Getting lean? You probably won’t need that much waxy maize in a supplement. The point is to work out a goal that you are working towards and use supplements as a means to help achieve that goal. Don’t buy every supplement under the sun because the advertising looks good. Make sure you spend your money on the ones that will help you most, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Buy From an Online Supplement Warehouse

Where you buy your supplements is just as important as which supplements you buy. You could find as much as a 50% difference in pricing in a retail store vs an online supplement store, due to a number of factors. Supplement warehouses are able to sell discount supplements because their costs are lower – fewer staff, less overhead costs, bulk purchases from suppliers are all factors to consider and that make a huge difference in the bottom line you pay at the checkout. Don’t be afraid to shop around – the internet makes is ridiculously easy to find a reliable supplier who stocks all the major brands at extremely competitive prices. Don’t buy from a retail store who needs to charge you full recommended retail price just to meet its’ high running costs. Online is truly the only place to find true discount supplements.

Discount Supplement Brands

As supplement manufacturers feel the pinch from losing customers due to tight financial times, they are more sensitive to the need to sell discount supplements and stay ahead of the competition. For this reason, there are a number of supplement companies who offer great pricing across their range of products, which suits anyone looking for good quality, discount supplements.

  • Redbak – Australian-owned, with high quality control standards and a great range
  • Dymatize – One of the world’s largest supplement companies, with a huge range of supplements at fantastic prices
  • Inner Armour – A Canadian brand which sells an athlete-focused range of products at excellent prices
  • Vital Strength – Another Australian company offering great prices on a number of different supplement lines

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